NLP Sport Practitioner

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  • Do you wish you knew more about mental preparation? 


  • Feel like you don’t always know what to say to your athletes when they’re struggling? 


  • Maybe you're interested in becoming a Mental Performance Coach or adding these techniques to your existing skills?


  • If you're an athlete, do you perform well on the training field and then falter in competition? 


  • Or could be you’re involved in both business and sport and want to learn these practical skills for getting the best out of yourself and others?


If you've answered Yes! then this highly acclaimed NLP Sport Practitioner may be just what you need!

Whatever your reason, this course is for anyone who recognises the importance of the mental aspects of sport and performance and wants to gain the essential skills of NLP and Sport Psychology, but doesn't have the time to spend years studying these exciting and widely applicable skills.







Why choose this NLP Practitioner?


Football/goal keeper coach and creator of Response Ball, Glenn Robertson, talks about the positive effects the NLP Sport Practitioner course has had on his personal and professional life.


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