NLP Sport Practitioner

  • Wished you knew more about mental preparation in Sport? 

  • Feel like you don’t always know what to say to your athletes when they’re struggling mentally? 

  • Perhaps as an athlete you perform great on the training field and then falter in competition? 

  • Or maybe you’re frustrated by mental blocks getting in the way of your success?


Whatever your reason, then this highly acclaimed NLP Sport Practitioner may be just what you need!

This course is for anyone involved in Sport, who recognises the importance of the mental aspects of sport and performance and wants to gain the essential skills of NLP and Sport Psychology, but doesn't have the time to spend years studying these exciting and essential aspects of sport.



This fully ABNLP accredited programme covers areas such as:

  • How to develop effective psychological strengths as an athlete and coach

  • Tools and techniques for use before, during and after performance

  • More effective communication skills, enhancing your ability to coach, train and manage

  • How to understand and 'unlock' problems faced by your athletes

  • How to create states of Confidence, Composure and Concentration

  • How to deal with doubts, worries, limiting beliefs and negative emotions that get in the way of performing at our peak

  • How to achieve sustained results over time with effective goal setting

  • How to use imagery, relaxation and 'The Zone' states

  • How to develop mental toughness and a mindset for sporting success many more applications and tools aimed at enhancing performance...



Is the NLP Training for Sport suitable for use in Business Performance ?


Yes, absolutely! Everything you'll learn on this programme is ideal for the competitive world that we live and work in. We use examples from all walks of life, not just Sport, as we want you to learn how top achievers in this field get the results they do.


...and it's not just about being competitive or driven, it's about being socially and emotionally intelligent so we can understand ourselves and others better for enhanced communication and greater empathy in all walks of life.

In addition, sport is a business, and most people who attend our sport courses are coaches, managers, performance directors so their 'role' is very business oriented too, so as long as you're into sport, then this course is ideal for corporate athletes too!



How does it work?

  • 9 day course, split into 3 blocks of 3 days, with time in between each block to consolidate what you’ve learnt and put it into practice
  • The syllabus taught covers all the NLP Practitioner material from a sport perspective plus additional sport psychology material woven throughout. So you’ll instantly find you can apply your skills to all areas be it sport, business or life
  • Completion of this course makes you eligible for training as an NLP Master Practitioner
  • There is also an optional extra of completing the Emotional Intelligence Inventory (EQ-i) which provides an overview of your emotional intelligence profile and areas for you to enhance during the course




Why choose the Inside Performance™ Sport NLP Course?

  • Our trainers are Sport and Performance Specialists, all current or ex-sports people with over 18 years experience working with professionals and athletes from grassroots to Olympians

  • They bring a wealth of experience, knowledge and credibility to the field of Sport NLP as certified Master Practitioners and Trainers

  • You would be choosing the course chosen by The ECB, UK Sport,The RFU and a variety of professional sports clubs and bodies who recognise that we are the only company offering the level of expertise and experience to develop their top coaches and athletes
  • Registered practicing Sport Psychologists with the Health Professions Council, who regulate all accredited psychologists working as practitioners

  • This is the only NLP for Sport course that offers sport-specific learning materials, delivered by a BASES accredited Sport Scientist and BPS Chartered Sport Psychologist

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Dates 2014

17-19 Sept; 8-10 Oct; 5-7 Nov 2014


For course availability and latest prices, please call us on 020 8398 2127 or drop an email to



Why choose Inside Performance for NLP in Sport?


Football/goal keeper coach and creator of Response Ball, Glenn Robertson, talks about the positive effects the NLP Sport Practitioner course has had on his personal and professional life.